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Secure Paper Tray

Product Description:

Universal Paper Tray Lock. It secures the paper tray(s) of printers and copiers. This is a non-drill system and does not require drilling any holes in the printer or the copier. User installable. Secures one, two, or three paper trays. The price reflect is for one paper tray. This lock is used to secure your company's checks, prescriptions, and other vital forms that could be misused if they are in the wrong hands.

Tech Specs

Printer Paper Tray Lock


Installation Installs literally in minutes.
Clearance requirement This product does not require any clearance however, you need to make sure that there is enogh room to stick the lock on the surface of the tray.
Adheres Adheres to most printer with smooth flat surface.
Warranty of equipment Does not Void any manufacture's warranties.
Metal 16Gage Galvanized Steel
Lock 1/2" Laminated Push down Lock for ease of use only need a key to unlock.
VHB Tape Double Sided very high bond tape with 1.1mm thickness with pull resistance of over 100lbs per square inch. (Average size locking place would offer over 3000 lbs pull resistance.)
(Part No. PSL)
Price USD $99.95Buy Now

Compatibility List:


Laserjet 4100
Laserjet 1320
Laserjet 2300


and many more this is a universal lock and will work with variety of different brands of printers.


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