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4X4 Pad with 4inch Loop

Product Description:

This is 4x4 inch metal plate with adhesive to stick it on any flat surface. Can be used for many different applications, however is ideal for fastening wall units and other tall equipment for earthquake safety. Its also widely used fro computer peripheral's security like keyboard printers and external storage units. This item is also used in long trailers to secure items from moving and shifting. Hence this small item is geared for many applications and if anything needs to be fasten use this pad and loop.

Tech Specs



Installation Installs literally in minutes.
Clearance requirement System installation requires 2 1/4' clearance to properly install it. System easily installs in minutes and requires no power tools.
Application Adheres to most work surfaces with smooth top construction. Equipment can be easily removed with security key and nut driver.

Warranty of equipment Does not Void any manufacture's warranties.
Metal 16Gage Galvanized Steel
Cable Airplane cable with 1/8th inch diameter
VHB Tape Double Sided very high bond tape with 1.1mm thickness with pull resistance of over 100lbs per square inch. (Average size locking place would offer over 3000 lbs pull resistance.)
(Part No. PCFC4C)
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