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Motorized casing lift when opening
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  $ 1,495.00

Motorized casing lift when opening for projectors Universal

I. Introduction:
... Our motorized casing lifts are available with two products of different exterior dimensions:motorized casing lifts
...Model projector lifts A200/A201 are the latest product of KMP, which are produced according to the principle of transmission in the quadruple trail. It is small and convenient to carry the projector lift when in use. Our products feature in novel style , reliable working , easily installable and adjustable ,reliable operation, remote control to accurate positions, low voice in the lifting process, wide route ,easily operating and aesthetic appearance in addition to anti-burglary. They prove to be the excellent auxiliary facilities of your projectors.
....The lift will retract your projector into the closed alloy cabinet for the purpose of protection and anti-burglary when the projector is not in use The cabinet door will open automatically and the projector will stick out when using the projector. And then, the door will close automatically and the lift will retract the projector back into the cabinet after use . With the help of motor and machinery, the retracting operations can be made by infrared/wireless remote control exactly and freely.
....II.Technical index
1. Exterior size
A200: 65cm X 65cm X 44cm
A201: 72cm X 72cm X 53.3cm
2. Interior size
A200: 51cm X 51cm X 30cm
A201: 58cm X 58cmX 36cm
3. Net weight: A200: 50 KG .......A201: 52 KG
4. Running distance: A200: 29cm ......A201: 36cm
5. Loading capacity: 20KG
1. A projector chassis for fixing the projector
2. An universal coupling for projector horizontal ,vertical, left and right adjustment .
*Remarks: ..The height of the universal coupling and the chassis is about 80mm-130mm
(Varied projectors have different chassises.)

1. The size of projector can not be bigger than:
46cm X 46cm X 17cm
2. The headroom between the cement ceiling and decor ceiling must be bigger than:
3. Suggested opening for the ceiling for A200:
60cm X 60cm
4.Suggested opening for the ceiling for A201:
5. A service opening that is 10cm~20cm away from the lift must be reserved:
63cm X 40cm
6. Based on the installation environment, adjust the lift to keep its base parallel to the decor ceiling with 10mm screw or angle steel brace through four 12mm diameter screw holes on the four corners of the cabinet upper slab.
7. Make sure of the safe lift by cutting off double circuitry with the help of double knife switch on the power inlet. Also, the power must be grounded well . A 2A fuse must be available for the fire ray on the knife switch. Don't power on until all the mounting preparations are finished.


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