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Versa Lock.

Versa Lock offers an effective, inexpensive locking security hold-down system for your computer, office machines, home entertainment or other valuable equipment. By using our unique, patented free floating lock system and galvanized steel locking plates, our system provides maximum security and tamperproof protection.

Versa Lock has been providing office machine security since 1981. The owner and president of Versa Lock, Inc. originally worked for a major computer manufacturing company and dealt with customer's that had lost valuable equipment due to theft, in turn he came up with the idea for a security system to prevent theft. Over the years we have observed other lock systems, of course some work better than others, this constant review has helped us to continually improve our product line and the security of your equipment.

Our experience has taught us that security is just a measure of time. The amount of time that it takes a thief to overcome a particular locking system and the ability to stay that time is the true determination of the security available. The real cost can only be measured if your equipment is not taken. Most of the computer security systems out there on the market are cable security and even though we provide cable security as well, we do not recommend it since a cable can be cut thus making the measure of time for a thief "cut and go". Our COMP U LOCK line of locks is the most popular of the security systems we manufacture. They are designed to secure computers and their peripherals, office machines or anything of value you wish to secure against theft. This system installs in minutes and requires no power tools. Please go to our product page for specification and application of this product.

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