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Versa Lock, Inc. is your computer security specialist. We've been building patented computer antitheft devices since 1981. Your unsecured computer and data are at high risk for theft, just like an unlocked bicycle. Versa Lock, Inc. has a full line of computer locking systems that specifically address the need for computer security in any environment.

If you think that your computer will never be stolen think again. Every year in access of Billion Dollars of computers and other related equipment are stolen. Now you know the problem and here is the solution.

You need the affordable Versa Lock System!

 The physical loss of a computer is costly, but the loss of computing power and the data stored on the computers can be disastrous. Lost data is very expensive to replace. Personal computers are easy targets for those determined to steal them or damage them. Computers, once kept in secure data centers, are now scattered on desktops throughout the world, just waiting to be stolen. Protect your valuable equipment with our High Quality Security Solutions!

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